The Non-Sleazy Approach To Stand Out and Attract Your Dream Clients

“Because people don’t want to do: they want to be. They want to be less busy and more productive, less alone and more connected, less fearful and more safe.” – Bernadette Jiwa 

Reading this quote was a big ‘aha’ for me because I’ve often fallen into the trap of thinking my audience wanted more “stuff”.

More stuff to consume. More stuff to buy. More stuff to do.

Before they’d actually get the result they wanted.

Most marketers and infopreneurs think this way.

They try to impress you with their 70-page e-books, and 20 step checklists. Thinking the more they promise you, the more attractive it will be to you.

It’s B.S. 

And, it’s the reason so many of our prospects don’t take action due to overwhelm, confusion and frustration.

So how do you cut through the noise and be one of the few that magnetically connects with your audience?

Get crystal clear on what your audience really wants…

…(on a deeper emotional level), and WHO they want to become.

How do they see themselves? What is the dream identity they’ve created for themselves, that you can make a reality for them as a result of working with you?

Talk about that stuff.

Talk about the end goal of what people really want:

How their lives will be better, the time they’ll save, how they’ll feel when they wake up every morning, the compliments they’ll get from the people they admire, the emotions they’ll experience on a daily basis.

This is when you go from their minds to their hearts.

And it isn’t until you win their heart, that you’ll win their business.

I hope this provides you with some new insight into how to position your messaging online and communicate to your prospects.

If you’d like more clarity around your core message and how to communicate your value in a way that connects to the hearts ad minds of your ideal clients, I’ve put together a free mini-guide to help you.

Click here to download your free ‘Clarify Your Message’ mini-guide.

Talk Soon…

– Andrey


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