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“Lasting change is a product of daily habits, not once­-in­-a­-lifetime transformations.” – James Clear

Leaders, world-class athletes, high-performance entrepreneurs – all have one thing in common that has led to their success and achievements.

They’ve intentionally designed their life and environment in such a way to make it as easy as possible to get into flow, stay focused, and master the key things that make the biggest difference in their performance.

What I mean by this is if you want to create meaningful success in any area of your life, it doesn’t happen by chance.

What It Takes To Become World-Class

You don’t become a world-class athlete eating whatever you want, and working out only when you feel like it.

You don’t become a high-performance entrepreneur by having people around you who drain you, or only showing up on the days you feel inspired and motivated.

To create long-lasting change, it takes a level of commitment to show up and do the work with an intention of mastery over yourself and your craft.

And your commitment to showing up and the results you create are all a by-product of your daily habits.

“Change your habits, change your life.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. It’s more than a cliche quote shared by leaders and speakers in the personal development niche.

When you understand the power of habits, you’ll see that success has less to do with being “lucky” or just at the “right place at the right time” – and everything to do with the small things you do on a daily basis.

Success Happens One Habit At A Time

You can create the life and business of your dreams, one powerful habit at a time.

The problem I faced personally, and I’m sure you can relate to as well, was banking my success on one big event.

We hear about the marketers who did one launch and made a million dollars. Or the speaker who got on stage and sold six figures worth of coaching in one hour. Or the athlete that just signed a multi-million dollar contract “just to play basketball”…

…and it’s easy to think thats all there is to the story. It’s easy to discredit the time, dedication and preparation that led to this main event.

What we don’t see is how that marketer for a year straight provided value for her audience every day – doing webinars, engaging on social media and growing a tribe of loyal followers who knew, liked and trusted her.

We don’t hear about how the athlete spent hours in the gym every day, mastering his craft, and working with top coaches to improve his game.

We don’t hear about how the speaker committed to doing a video every day to get better at speaking and sharing his message.

The Small Actions Matter More Than We Think

The little things that make the biggest difference, often happen to be the same things we take for granted.

Earlier this year one of my goals was to get back in shape. I was spending so much time behind the computer, not being active and eating whatever I wanted.

To change, I committed to doing small things that I knew would make a difference overtime…

Some of my new habits included:
– Going to the gym 3x a week (now I’m up to 5 days a week)
Intermitted Fasting (I only consumed calories between 12PM – 8PM)
– Drinking lots of water every day

As a result of these things (that felt like no big deal at first), I dropped over 20 pounds (went from 180 to 159 at my lowest). I’m stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been, I have way more energy, and my productivity has skyrocketed.

All as a result of committing to simple daily, and weekly habits.

The Big Takeaway

Whether it’s in your health, business, or any other key area of your life – commit to developing habits that serve you, and will move you forward towards achieving your goals with ease.

This is how you get “lucky”, and set yourself up to win.

Question: What’s one personal habit that has made a big impact on your life or business?

Leave a comment with your answer below.


Power Of Small Habits