Email Nurture Sequence For Coaches, Course-Creators and Thought Leaders

  • Quickly build a relationship with new subscribers and establish yourself as the perfect person to help them solve their problem
  • Share your story in a way that engages and connects emotionally with your most ideal client – so you can increase their desire to learn more from you and invest into your offer
  • Lead with empathy and make your ideal clients feel seen, heard and understood so you can stand out from your competitors and deepen their trust and connection to you
  • Get people excited to take the next step (register for free training, book a strategy session, buy your course, etc.) without having to be pushy or in-authentic
  • Make more sales and boost conversions without dumping more and more money into paid traffic with little to show for it once they get on your list

What You’ll Get Inside:

  • Message Deep Dive: 2 hour VIP session where we’ll clarify your message and get to the core of what you stand for, who you serve and how you best help them. I’ll help you pull out the core message, stories, and exact language to use that will deeply resonate with your dream clients the moment they enter your world
  • Messaging Strategy + Funnel Map: Together, we’ll map out the entire messaging strategy for your funnel so you’re crystal clear on the BIG IDEA, customer journey, core beliefs and emotions your ideal clients must experience, and how to structure your Lead Magnet, funnel and offer to convert the right people into raving fans and buyers
  • Customer Research: I’ll conduct my own research to dive deep into the hearts and minds of your audience so we know where they’re at on their journey, their biggest challenges, frustrations, hopes & desires, and the exact language to use to connect with them in a way that leads with empathy and empowers action
  • Done-For-You Email Sequence: 7 part email nurture sequence to build trust and connection with your new subscribers, while empowering them to take action on your solution. This isn’t about giving away “free content” and hoping people like you and one day buy from you. We’ll strategically take your subscribers down a path of seeing you as THE go-to solution
  • Two revisions: You’ll get a chance to provide feedback and make up to (2) revisions of the email sequence. 

Investment: $2,500

Is This The Right Fit For You?

This is for you if…

  • You’re a coach, course creator, online trainer or expert who leverages your expertise to deliver a transformation in people’s lives (mindset, health, business, social skills, etc)
  • You’re not just in it for the money. You’re driven by a bigger calling to serve. You deeply believe in the work you do + the value it provides to the marketplace
  • You’re not a newbie with no real expertise. You’ve already helped others get results and have most likely dealt with similar struggles as your ideal client
  • You aren’t looking for someone to delegate your busy work to. You want to partner with someone who understands your message and can help you share it with the world in a more clear, compelling way

This is NOT for you if…

  • You’re a complete beginner starting from scratch with no idea of your business model, ideal client or process for delivering results
  • You’re not actively growing your audience / email list and sharing relevant value to them through content, social media, etc.
  • The work you do isn’t driven by a bigger mission or calling to serve and help your audience become the best version of themselves  
  • You don’t have any experience working with past students or clients
  • You aren’t willing to open up and share the struggles, mistakes and parts of your story that help you be more human and relatable to your audience.

Take The Next Step…

“If you’re looking to take your message to the next level… If you’re really ready to impact people on a bigger scale and feel good doing it, then I cannot recommend Andrey enough”
– Devesh Kumar, Leadership and Transformation Coach

Investment: $2,500