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Becoming Undefeatable: 3 Mindsets To Show Up Consistently and Maximize Your Potential

The starting point to doing meaningful work, performing at your highest potential, and achieving greatness in any area of your life is your mindset.

With the right, positive mindset you can break through limitations, overcome obstacles, and perform at such high levels that people can only describe you as “lucky” or “gifted”.

The best in the world, however, know that effort, purposeful practice and a “growth mindset” (as Carol Dweck calls it) matter far more than having the right genetics or being lucky.

So how can you apply this into your own life and business as an entrepreneur?

How can you develop a mindset that keeps you consistent, focused and inspired on your journey to doing work that matters?

Here are three powerful mindsets you can adopt right now to consistently show up as your best self in life and business.

Falling In Love With The Process

“I know some people say “Keep your eyes on the prize,” but I disagree. When your eyes are stuck on the prize, you’re going to keep stumbling and crashing into things. If you really want to get ahead, you’ve got to keep your eyes focused on the path.” – Russell Simmons

This is a common theme I see amongst almost all top performers in sports, business, and entrepreneurship. High performers find a way to fall in love with the journey to becoming world-class at what they do, while emotionally detaching themselves from the outcome.

They know success isn’t about the destination.

It’s about showing up consistently, growing into the best version of yourself, and putting in the effort to improve in the areas that matter most.

The only thing you have control over is yourself and your actions.

Focusing on the outcome, obsessing over goals, and refreshing your inbox multiple times per hour doesn’t serve you. It’s the fastest way to lose motivation, end momentum, and talk yourself into moving on to something else.

If you want to stay inspired and remain consistent on your journey towards your goals you must find fulfillment in showing up as the best version of yourself daily and taking purposeful action towards your goals.

Mindset Of Mastery

People who are the best in the world at what they do don’t get there by seeking achievement. They get there by fully committing to mastery and believing that with the right amount of effort, time and personal growth – their possibilities are endless.

The income, gold medals and acknowledgment are simply by-products of this mindset.

By asking yourself questions like…

“How can I become more valuable, so that I have more value to offer others?”
“How can I optimize my life to help me stay consistent with the mindset, habits, and identity I need to show up as my best self?”
and, “What’s one thing I can do today to make meaningful progress towards my vision?”

…you empower yourself to do the daily work required to accelerate towards your goals (without depleting all your willpower)

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you want to start a podcast. What would happen if you went from:

(A) focusing on crossing 10,000 listener downloads (achievement)

to (B) developing a deep understanding of your audience and what they really want, attending live events with other podcasters who consistently get 100,000+ downloads per month, and doing one thing every day to improve your communication and interview skills (mastery)

I’d argue with the second approach, not only would you hit your goal, you’d exceed it and grow in others areas of your life as well. because as Robin Sharma says… “excellence in one area is the beginning of excellence in every area.”

Create A Compelling What-Who-Why

Without clarity around these 3 things, it’s almost impossible to stay inspired and consistent on your journey.

  • Vision: What you want
  • Purpose: Why you want it
  • Best-Self Identity: Who you must become to turn your vision into a reality

When you become clear on these three things, you’ll find fulfillment just by taking action that’s aligned with your vision, core values, and the version of yourself you want to become.

Research done by psychologists at Stanford shows how these values-affirmations can help increase our performance and growth over time.

We naturally want to stay consistent with the beliefs, values and identity we’ve created, and believe to be true about ourselves.

Therefore, by having a clear image of the person you want to become and seeing yourself as this person right now – you’ll develop the mindsets, habits, and actions needed to create the results you want – while staying motivated.

Big Takeaway

If you want to show up more consistently, make a bigger impact on your business, or achieve any worthy goal – it starts with your mindset. These 3 mindsets covered above will help you take the action you need to make daily progress towards performing at your highest potential in the areas that matter most.

  • How can you fall in love with the process of what you’re doing?
  • In what areas can you seek out mastery?
  • What do you want, why do you want it, and who must you become to make it happen?

Take the next 5-10 minutes to gain clarity around these questions.

The answers you come up with will not only elevate your mindset… they’ll transform your life.

Take The Next Step

The next step once you’ve shifted your mindset is to develop habits and daily rituals that allow you to show up consistently as the person you want to become, and make meaningful progress towards your vision.

I’ve created a Free 5 Day course walking you through 5 daily habits and rituals to elevate your mindset, increase productivity, and show up as your best self in life and business 

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  1. O'neisha Biggs

    Awesome information, especially the point about falling in love with the process because the process can be so hard and when I just made up my mind to just go through it reguardless of the feeling, overtime I noticed that the grevious feeling subsided and the work ethic and new patterns actually became apart of me. Keep up the great content.


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