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Becoming a high performer and creating elite level results in your life and business doesn’t happen by accident or “luck”. Nor is it enough to just know the “how-to” strategies.

Plenty of entrepreneurs go to seminars, read books, and invest in coaching to learn ‘how-to’ achieve the results they desire, then do nothing with this knowledge.

Millions of people commit to getting in shape every January 1st, and can tell you every exercise routine and weight-loss diet known to man, yet give up by March.

So what separates these groups of people, from the high performers?

How can you stay inspired, be productive, and do your best work – even on the days you don’t feel like it?

It starts with your mindset. Specifically, your core beliefs about yourself and your potential.

Here are 7 core beliefs shared by elite entrepreneurs and high performers, that will allow you to stay inspired and unleash your best work into the world daily.

Belief #1: You have value to offer the world. It’s your duty to share it.

You have value, gifts and expertise to share that can inspire and impact others. Knowing this, and believing it with 100% conviction, will help you stay inspired and focused on what matters most.

Why? Because as humans we all want to feel a sense of contribution. We crave the feeling of knowing we’re doing something that matters, and serves others beyond ourselves. This is one of the six human emotional needs, according to Tony Robbins.

Elite entrepreneurs don’t keep their gifts hidden inside them. They live to serve. They find fulfillment in solving problems and helping others.

To stay inspired to do work that matters, know that you have true value and gifts inside you. Make it your duty to using your gifts to fulfill a greater purpose beyond yourself, and serve people with the problem you can best solve.

Belief #2: Action breeds clarity

Elite entrepreneurs condition themselves to take action before they have everything figured out. They don’t wait for the perfect idea, website, or approval from others to take action.

They know action breeds clarity.

As you put yourself out there, and commit to doing the work, you’ll find clarity through practicing self-awareness, and being open to the real life feedback you get from others.

Think about what you’re doing today, there’s a great chance it’s completely different than what you thought you’d be doing a few years (or even months) ago.

The sooner we take action and figure out what we don’t want to do, the sooner we’ll discover our most fulfilling, and meaningful work.

Belief #3: Regardless of 1 or 1,000. Show up and serve.

This is something I’ve seen in common in almost all top entrepreneurs who have a loyal tribe, and do meaningful work.

While most people are obsessed with the numbers, and convince themselves they need 1,000 followers before they can make an impact… Elite entrepreneurs focus on showing up, and serving the people in front of them. Even if it’s only one person.

It’s easy to get discouraged and not want to share your message because you only have 10 followers. But If all you did was impact one new person’s life this week, would it be worth it?

To become elite and do your best work, stop looking at people as leads, followers, fans, etc., and realize these are real people – with real dreams, desires, fears and frustrations. It’s your duty to show up for them.

And don’t just show up at 45% … show up so powerfully, and over deliver with so much value, that people can’t help but join you on your mission, and become evangelists of your message.

This is how the elite think. And it’s how meaningful work is done.

Belief #4: Serve yourself (so you can serve others)

Elite entrepreneurs understand how they feel emotionally, spiritually and physically plays a role in how they show up in business. While they’re committed to serving others, they always take time to serve themselves.

If you want to become a high performer in business, you can’t afford to neglect the other key areas of your life – such as your health, relationships and spiritual connection.

Being healthier, having positive relationships, and aligning yourself with a purpose and calling greater than you will give you the clarity, mindfulness and energy you need to show up as your best self, and do your best work.

Elite entrepreneurs never sacrifice their integrity or happiness for short term gains.

Their work must be aligned with their mission, core values, beliefs and self-identity.

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When I made the decision to take care of myself first, focus on my physical, emotional and spiritual fitness, and only do work that was aligned with the values I set for myself – it changed everything for me.

Now I wake up every morning with a sense of pride and fulfillment, knowing I’m staying true to myself and being in integrity.

Belief #5: Success is a result of what you do daily

Having the right habits, routines and rituals are crucial to staying inspired, productive and doing your best work.

While most people think success is one big event, high performers understand long lasting change and success is the result of small positive habits, done consistently over time.

With all the distractions and things trying to pick up our attention, it sometimes feels like a struggle to stay inspired or productive. It requires a lot of willpower and energy.

The solution is to create positive habits, routines and rituals that allows us to get into flow and focus on our best work – without getting overwhelmed or draining all our willpower.

“In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits. Good habits are the key to all success.” – Og Mandino

Belief #6: Mastery Matters

This one belief will make the biggest impact on your performance if taken serious.

Elite entrepreneurs in all areas become elite by committing to mastery in their craft. They’ve adopted the belief that through showing up consistently, with the intention and focus of improving each day – they can achieve results only the 1% experience.

Anders Ericsson calls this deliberate practice.

In his book “Peak: Secrets From the New Science of Expertise”, Ericsson mentions “the goal of deliberate practice is not to reach your potential, but to build it.”

High performers masterfully work on themselves, and their craft, as if they have limitless potential. There’s no ceiling for them.

Having this mindset allows you to consistency do the work to improve and get better, no matter how much you’ve accomplished so far.

As a result, you become a better version of yourself, increasing the value you bring to the marketplace… and ultimately, serve and impact more people.

Belief #7: The person you become is more valuable than the destination

Want to know the fastest way to lose all inspiration and drive to show up and do the work? Focus all your energy on the gap between where you are right now, and where you want to be.

I use to get so discouraged whenever I’d set a goal, and then realize how far away it really was. It seemed so out of reach that I didn’t feel inspired to take action.

What changed for me, and has allowed me to stay inspired while on my journey, was detaching myself from the outcome… and finding excitement and fulfillment in the journey, and the person I was becoming in the process.

To create better results you have to become a better version of yourself. It requires new habits, beliefs, actions, and sometimes, even new surroundings.

The insights, lessons and value revealed in this process is far more valuable than the goal itself.

Elite entrepreneurs know this. So they shift their focus from the goal, and instead focus on doing the work required to become the person they have to be, to effortlessly achieve what they want.

The Right Beliefs Can Literally Transform You

Adopting these beliefs can help you elevate your game and do your best work daily. Not only will you be more inspired to show up and do the work, you’ll be more productive and make a bigger impact, without getting overwhelmed or over-exercising your willpower.

High performers and elite entrepreneurs don’t have any magic abilities, and they aren’t using any secret strategies that aren’t available to anyone else. What makes the difference is how they see themselves, their internal stories, and the beliefs that influence their actions and decisions.

I’ve watched my performance and productivity skyrocket as a result of adopting these same beliefs I’ve shared with you today. The same is possible for you. Just one new belief can set you on your path to your biggest breakthrough.

Question: Which of these 7 beliefs resonates with you the most, and why?

I’d love to know. Leave a comment below with your response.

7 Beliefs Elite Entrepreneurs Share To Stay Inspired And Do Your Best Work Daily
7 Core Beliefs Of Elite Entrepreneurs: Stay Inspired And Do Your Best Work Daily